and the 2024 winner is… Trade Direct 365 Australia SPI Direct CFD review


TradeDirect365’s unique Australian SPI Futures CFD product, “Australia SPI Direct.


Benefits of trading a SPI 200 CFD with the Australia SPI Direct instrument

TradeDirect365 provides the perfect Australian index trading instrument with this unique “Australia SPI Direct” futures CFD product for index trading.
“Australia SPI Direct” (SPI CFD) provides traders with direct SPI pricing (price matches the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) underlying) with NO dealer spread, only A$5 commission per side & initial margin of just A$825 (even lower with stop loss in place) per full contract ($25/point), during both the day and night trading sessions.

As all existing SPI traders will realise, by combining the best features of a direct futures broker (such as Interactive Brokers), with the best features of a CFD broker, TradeDirect365 has produced a truly unique “best of breed” SPI 200 CFD trading instrument.

Australia SPI Direct provides immense benefits to SPI futures traders with the “best of both worlds” as they receive:

  1. extremely low commission, price matching underlying SFE SPI and no overnight financing costs, similar to the large futures brokers such as Interactive Brokers,
  2. combined with the low margin requirements and sizing scalability of CFD brokers.

Why choose TradeDirect365 as your index trading & Australia 200 CFD broker?

The lowest cost Australian indices currently available.
Trading the SPI 200 with the best SPI futures trading instrument | Australia SPI Direct by TradeDirect365 online CFD broker

Trading the SPI on TradeDirect365 platform

SPI Trading | TradeDirect365 SPI Futures Index Trading

Best ASX SPI 200 broker Australia

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